Friday, March 27, 2009

Club Orange's Chalk Art Show

Club Orange held a chalk art show this past wednesday with several local artists, riktor, aster, kier, dusk and others. The bar area's walls are coated with a chalk board paint. The room was broken into sections and Each artist was given their own space to work with. One of the things that made the night interesting was that none of the artists, including myself, had ever used chalk as a medium. A few of us where uncertain about how it would turn out but by the middle of the night people were getting adjusted. There was no subject or requirements, so everyone was pretty comfortable and the night ended up being a lot of fun....

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my camera for the show, (the photo here was e-mailed to me) so i don't have anything from the other artists at the show. A photographer from the City Weekly was there so we may see something pop up in one of the coming editions. I did overhear that this may turn into a monthly thing...

Club Orange
533 South 500 West
Salt Lake City

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