Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fourth Street Music

Salt Lake City's Fourth Street Music is undergoing some big things. The upcoming change in ownership has shifted the stores focus from CD's to the good old fashioned vinyl format. Which is unheard of in the music business, btw.
I was happy when Chase gave me and other local artists a chance to create a new feel for the store's aesthetic.
These two poster designs were intended to get things going in some sort of creative direction, and not necessarily be a final product. There's also logos and other things in line to be created.

About these designs:

Herb Alpert - Wanted

Any avid record digger, collector, or DJ will testify to the ubsurd amount of Herb Alpert records you come accross when you're digging for vinyl. It becomes more and more frustrating when you go to you're favorite thrift store looking for that Velvet Underground with the orginal bannana sticker and get slammed with 50 copies of the Tijuana Brass instead!

Record Friends

I totally ripped this off from a cover of a childrens record called, "Care for Kids." The album's cover is simply these two on a plain blue background with the hand written title above them. It definately looks to be inspired by School House Rock's simple character design, and innocence. So, I used the cover as a template and replaced the "magic" the two kids were throwing into the air and replaced it with records. I've always loved the design so this is my tribute.

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