Thursday, March 26, 2009

Waxpoetics Issue 34 Release Party

The "All Vinyl Nights" at Kristauf's have been bringing DJ's out of their houses and into a spot where they can share their music with a wider audience and on a better sounds system (it's a maybe on that last one.)
Everyone's favorite music journal, Waxpoetics is putting out their jazz issue this month and how better to partner up and celebrate the two? After speaking with some of the nice guys running the magazine, they've allowed us to promote their product and make it one big party! It's not an official Waxpoetics event, but is surely condoned and approved.

About the Design:

When starting to put this together, there was no finished product in mind, but more of a general feel of how I would like it to turn out in the end. After looking around at some old jazz and psych covers/posters I started putting things together. The elements were drawn in illustrator and then imported to Photoshop for some easy transparency. At that point, things started to fit together and make some sort of cohesive idea. Being a music fan myself made this poster really fun to work on, and came a little more naturally than other things I've worked on.

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